Beers and Bogeys

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.”
-Humphrey Bogart

Achtung! All ale-enthusiasts! Welcome to this, our first entry ever (well, other than the one just below).

We are proud to present you with our first reviews of a few newly-discovered beverages which we have recently had the pleasure of tasting (more than once).

We may or may not be drunk as we write this, so please excuse our amateur sallies into the realm of beer-critiquing. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy, and that you come back for more.

And the first beer up for discussion is:

Barleywine Style Monster Ale

Founded in 1987 by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter, the Brooklyn Brewery is one of the top 40 breweries in America.

Imbibe more here:

Kunoichi Erica: Reminiscent of Magic Hat #9, this beer, with its disgustingly sweet flavor and strawberry smell, would do better masquerading as a sack of potpourri. The color of a dirty penny, don’t try to tackle a case of this stuff on your own. Like when you go to see a bad horror-flick, bring friends for moral support.

rachel-riot-thumbnailRachel Riot: I picked this ale solely because I screamed “RAWR! MONSTERRR ALE! AHHHH!” when I saw the label (you will become familiar with my poor reasoning skills). This beer had a mahogany tint which was definitely reminiscent of barleywine. It was bittersweet and did not have a pleasant aftertaste. I also didn’t care much for the aroma either. After the tasting I concluded that this beer should not be called “Monster Ale”. I think “Well Trained Kitty Ale” would be more appropriate.

Song pick of the day: Loafass- “Cold Beer” (live at Brotherly Shove Fest 07)


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