Beer+Food+Science=Taste of Philly

“Beerest” Readers,

The ladies of PE are always up for a bit of the ol’ drinking and dining (especially when it doesn’t put a hole in our pockets). That is why we’re promoting Philadelphia Weekly’s upcoming Taste of Philly.

The 2nd annual Taste of Philly takes place on Wednesday, October 22nd from 7pm till 10pm. Taste will feature food and beverage from participants all across Philadelphia. Some of these participants include: Elephant and Castle, Cafe Spice, Plough and the Stars, Rum Bar, Mizu Sushi Bar, The Abbaye, Victory Brewery, Whole Foods, and tons more.

Tickets are $25/person as long as you purchase them before October 15th (which isn’t bad considering there’s some of you who spend triple in one night) .  After October 15th tickets increase to $30 and, if there are still tickets available, $35 at the door. If you’re still on the fence about going you may want to know that the event is being held at the Franklin Institute (the place you’re never too old to touch everything in sight!).

So, you get to eat and drink till your hearts and stomachs are content and hang around in the Franklin Institute for just 25 bucks!

Tickets can be purchased here
More information can be found here

Now we will leave you with the 20th century cartoon icon Mr. Magoo promoting Stag beer (no wonder why our parents are so messed up! And is it just us or does he look a lot like John Locke from Lost?)


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