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This is NOT a Post about Sarah Palin

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Anyway, now that we’ve got your attention, we cordially invite you to the first-ever Philadelphia ExBEERiment event: the South Philly Pub Crawl.

Rachel Riot and Kunoichi Erica wish to lead you off on a march across the southern plains of Philadelphia, and to introduce you to some of their favorite local watering-holes. And while it’s true that, according to the old adage, you may not be able to make a horse drink water, we’re also just as sure that most human beings can’t say no to a good beer (we know we can’t!).

The pub crawl will be taking place on December 13th, 2008, and will begin at 7 pm at the Pub on Passyunk East, by far the hippest joint to rest your frozen bums, at 1501 East Passyunk Avenue.  From there, we will mosey on down to 1601 Cafe, at 1601 South 10th Street, followed by Lucky 13 Pub, an eclectic new local hangout, located at 1820 South 13th Street.  The next stop of the night will be Adobe Cafe, a haven filled with Mexican food and liquor: two of the best treats on planet Earth, and located at 1919 East Passyunk Avenue.  The final stop of the night, and our favorite oasis by far, will be the South Philadelphia Tap Room, at 1509 Mifflin Street.  We plan to keep this party going until 1 am, so you’ll have plenty of time to exbeeriment with new beers at each stop along the way!

And never let the cold keep you away from the promise of good beer!  December’s all about spirits anyway, so be sure to join us (before you’re haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Lager!).

Now we know pub crawls generally lead to high levels of drink intake, and even higher levels of euphoria, but try to reserve your Christopher Walken-drunken-dance moves until the last stop of the night…


And Now for Something Completely Alcoholic…

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Your local beermaidens are pleased to present you with the new (and completely unofficial) Philadelphia ExBEERiment Logo!  Pretty soon, we hope to make this baby as recognizable to pub regulars as the Disney Castle is to prepubescent boys and girls.


Let us know what you think.  The feedback of our regulars is always welcome, and we’re always open to improving the look of our site.  So praise us, abuse us, you can even throw pointy sticks — we can take it!

All Along the Avenue

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Our favorite new constellation in the Passyunk Galaxy.

Our favorite new constellation in the Passyunk Galaxy.

The New Wave is coming. Be prepared.

And no, this doesn’t mean that the streets will suddenly be flooded with the “artsy” crowd, or that avante-garde films are back in style. And we swear it has absolutely nothing to do with the French…

Rather, there seems to be a sudden surge of chic bars propagating, unexpectedly, in South Philly. No longer are the streets of this neighborhood filled only with corner bars furnished with stale food, and even staler beer. Instead, an eclectic mix of bar exbeerimentation has popped up in streets from the Italian Market and beyond: particularly along the now golden way of Passyunk Avenue.

The newest bar baby to shine its star along the Ave is Lucky 13 Pub, located at 1820 South 13th Street. Walking into this pub feels like entering your Italian grandmom’s basement: cozy and warm (except without the plastic covers on the chairs!).

From the wood-paneled walls, to the diverse patrons ranging from hipsters to business crowd, this bar is sure to work its homey atmosphere into your heart. While it’s true that the decorators didn’t seem to have a particular theme in mind while working on the interior, nevertheless we’re sure that there’s something here to please everyone! Fancy a bit of romance and adventure? Then fight off some monsters with your significant other and sit at the Pacman Arcade Game/Table for Two! Or tap into your inner child, and feast your eyes on the Buzz Lightyear and Bugs Bunny figures that stand, rightfully, in places of honor behind the bar. You can even calm the antici…pation of your inner Transylvanian Transvestite–because, yes, the jukebox comes stocked with the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.

Behind the delightful sites and sounds is more candy for your senses. Lucky 13 features an eclectic food menu for everyone to enjoy. Blue Trout, Deconstructed Meatballs, Chicken Pillard, and a vegan friendly “Ace of Spades”; this menu will surely get your mouth watering!

As for boozy substances, this new bar is definitely headed in the right direction! There is a small (but wide) range of bottled beer. From Arrogant Bastard and Circus Boy all the way to Miller Lite and Schmidts; this bar caters to its wide variety of customers. But will they serve other than bottled beer? Sure thing! According to Clark, owner of Lucky 13, they will be installing a tap system after Thanksgiving, which will feature six beers on draft including Kenzinger, Yards ESA, Dogfishead, and more. Clark also hopes to extend on the bottled beer selection once the tap is set up!

So we have red neon lights, blue trout, schmidt lamps, deer-heads, Circus Boy, and Cramps posters? The muppets of Sesame Street may tell you that more than one of these things are not like the other, and therefore just don’t belong. But at Lucky 13 Pub, it works.

A Victorious Hunt for a Place to Eat

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For those of you who may have already read the following review of South Philly Taproom:

We will be moving our bar reviews to our blog page, and in the near future will delete the “Bar Hopping” Page.  We feel that the blog is far more convenient for our loyal readers to access, rather than keeping the old page and just piling the reviews one on top of the other like the Mad Hatters’ Hats!

Thanks for your patience as we continue to move the ExBEERiment furniture around.  And don’t worry.  Once we reach a perfect state of feng shui, we’ll be satisfied!  Of course, it may take us a while…

Like the world’s best-known-perfectionist says, “It’s a gift…and a curse.”  Bare with us.


In the wilds of South Philadelphia, there lies a place where wild boars, ostriches, and ducks roam freely - on the menu, that is. Where one may experience the fun of sitting in a wooden barrel - without the danger of plummeting down Niagara Falls (or the need to escape down a river with thirteen grumpy dwarves and a hobbit). Where kindly will-o-the-wisps sit on tiny thrones of wax and wick, and warm the wooden walls with rippling circles of golden light.

Where is this strange fairy-land, you may ask? Why, tucked away on the outskirts of the Italian Market, at the corner of 15th and Mifflin Streets. It is not Avalon, but simply the South Philadelphia Tap Room.

Walking into this dreamy land of beer might bring a tear of joy to any beer lover's eye. Drafts are in constant rotation so you have the chance to "exbeeriment" with something new every time you visit. Moving onward you will spot the frigid chamber of brew (a.k.a. the bottled beer refrigerator). A massive shrine of beers; spanning from California to Belgium. The price of draft beer is $3-6 but bottles can range anywhere from $3-$28 (I can already hear you whining. Stop, for there is many a bottled beer in the lower price range).

There's much to choose from here which means there might be a slight chance (95.6%) that you have never heard of some beers or that you just don't know what to choose from. That doesn't mean you should purchase a beer you know and love, you coward. This bar is DESIGNED for the adventurous! So just ask your server! Not only friendly, but very knowledgeable about their stock (and if they aren't sure they WILL ask someone who does!). They can help you choose a beer to fit your taste.

Now, you may find our praise of this tiny corner pub a bit overdone: but check it out before you judge too quickly! A place we've had the pleasure of sampling more than once, the South Philly Tap Room exceeded our expectations: from the friendly service, to the mouth-watering food that delights the eyes, the olfactory, and the taste-buds all at once, to the surprisingly diverse beer menu, this place wins our vote as the spot to spend your Friday night (and your Saturday, and maybe even your Sunday...)

Throwing beer (events) in your FACE!

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We, the drunken ladies of PE, would like to take a moment to ramble off some upcoming events that have struck our fancy.  Our humble apologies in overloading you with information on FUN but we would much rather shove this in your face now than write a blurb here and a blurb there over the next few weeks.

That’s just wasting space. That’s just wasting your time.

And we would much rather waste your time telling you about BEER.

So take a look, mark your calenders, and GO! You might even be able to catch us at a few of them (and buy us a drink? *hint hint*)


The forever imbibing ladies of PE

November 17th

South Philadelphia Tap Room – Mad Elf Keg Tap 08

Get your holiday started early! SPTR will be tapping its first Mad Elf Keg of the season at 6:30pm.  There will also be bottles of Corsendonk Christmas, DuPont’s Avec Les Bons Voeux, and 3 liter bottles of Mad Elf for purchase.

November 20th

Sidecar Bar & GrilleSoul Power

Get up off of that thang and shake it till you..get all the way down to the Sidecar Bar.  Soul food and music will be happening all night long! Not to mention a great selection of beer on tap for you to exbeeriment with!

November 22nd

Philadelphia Brewing Company– “Philadelphia Colonial Taverns and the drinks they served”

For all History buffs reading PE here is the perfect event for you! From 2-3pm Rich Wagner will present his latest research about Philadelphia’s seventeenth and eighteenth century taverns. Information found here

December 5th

Memphis Taproom- Repeal Day Celebration

Remember when the Volstead Act was repealed and the 21st
Ammendment was ratified…ending Prohibition and re-legalizing alcohol? Well unless you’re older than 80, are immortal, or have a time machine that went back to 1933, you don’t personally remember this.  But it’s an important moment in beer drinking history! So let’s celebrate the 75th Anniversay by having ONE DOLLAR DRAFTS from 3-4pm at Memphis Taproom!

December 26th

Memphis Taproom Boxing Day Beer Festival.

No matter if you’re a “Holly Jolly Holiday Fiend” or a “Bah Humbug Scroogy Grinch” of the season, come enjoy some seasonal beers the day after Xmas at this hip bar. In addition, you can multitask drinking and helping out! Bring a winter coat, warm blanket, or 3 cans of food to donate for families in need and you get $1 off each beer you have! A perfect opportunity for you Ebenezers to give a little (and get a little back) before the ghost of Christmas future finds you! More info here

More event happenings can be found at Beer Advocate

The Bride of Franziskaner Meets the Pumpkin King

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Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night, may become a drunk when the hop plant blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”

–Claude Rains in The Wolfman, paraphrased by Kunoichi Erica

Your Ladies of Liquor would like to wish you a beer-soaked and bone-chilling Halloween weekend. As you stalk the streets bedecked in all your undead finery, we urge you to drink your beer with the same relish that the Count himself drinks blood.

Now we would like to present you, in Abbot and Costello fashion, several beer “monsters” in the same film…er…post.

Oh yeah, and we tried to get Vincent Price to narrate, but he’s too busy partying upstairs…

Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier

Hefeweizen/5.0% ABV

Franziskaner Weissbier is older than Frankenstein’s monster, as it taps into Bavarian brewing traditions from as far back as 1363.

Imbibe more here:

rachel-riot-thumbnail1Rachel Riot: Hefeweizen has been one of my favorite beers for awhile. Sweet and light; it’s perfect for fall nights but also easily enjoyable while you’re sweating in a crowded bar during the winter months. It’s sweetness and cloudy pale orange coloring reminds me of a freshly picked nectar. This is a beer that Persephone would drink and Hades wouldn’t even have to trick her! I know many a gal who drinks Hefeweizen (which can be found at most well stocked bars but appears on tap right now at Misconduct Tavern and The Khyber). And guys, don’t shun this beer, try it! You might be delightfully (and confusingly) surprised!

Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

ABV 5.5% Pumpkin Ale

Anheuser-Busch, Inc. is yet another brewery with roots in Bavaria.

Imbibe more here:

Kunoichi Erica: Now, I am NOT usually a fan of commercial beer, but as I had to visit Chickie and Pete’s at least once out of respect for the Phillies (and might I add a very loud and enthusiastic huzzah to the new World Series Champs!), I found myself pleasantly surprised by this feature on their beer menu. As it was brought to the table, immediately the scent of cool apple cider hit my olfactory. The color of burnished gold, its rich texture is far more pleasing than the sickeningly sweet pumpkin flavor of the Avery Kaiser Oktoberfest. In fact, its taste is so distinct, it sticks with you even through those tons of crab fries you’re forced to gobble every time you hit the sports bar. Two zombie thumbs up.

And for all you werewolves out there, beware the moon:

Blue Moon

5.4% ABV

Blue Moon Brewing Company is respectfully buried in “The Sandlot” of Denver, Colorado.

Imbibe more here:

Philly Lush: Ah, Blue Moon, the beer my father makes fun of me for liking. I started drinking it because it reminded me of my guilty pleasure: Czech beer.

But I digress.

Blue Moon has a lighter taste than most beers. When ordered in bars, its often served with an orange slice, which gives it a slightly fruity flavor.

I like Blue Moon because, unlike a lot of beers, it doesn’t leave me with the sensation of “oh man, I just drank beer and now my stomach feels heavy.” Instead, Blue Moon is refreshing and doesn’t leave one feeling bloated. It’s not a hoppy drink either. It’s a light summer beer.

Drinking Blue Moon gives one the sensation of drinking a refreshing beverage, while sitting on a deck watching the sun set in the summer time over a field of grass and trees, while a breeze blows in from beside you. There is a slight aftertaste to remind you that yes, you are drinking alcohol, and yes, you can get drunk, but that is it.


Now, one last bit of advice before you leave your crypts for the night. Remember, as you hop from pub to pub, ALWAYS listen to the crazy villagers:

Clip from An American Werewolf in London