All Along the Avenue

Our favorite new constellation in the Passyunk Galaxy.

Our favorite new constellation in the Passyunk Galaxy.

The New Wave is coming. Be prepared.

And no, this doesn’t mean that the streets will suddenly be flooded with the “artsy” crowd, or that avante-garde films are back in style. And we swear it has absolutely nothing to do with the French…

Rather, there seems to be a sudden surge of chic bars propagating, unexpectedly, in South Philly. No longer are the streets of this neighborhood filled only with corner bars furnished with stale food, and even staler beer. Instead, an eclectic mix of bar exbeerimentation has popped up in streets from the Italian Market and beyond: particularly along the now golden way of Passyunk Avenue.

The newest bar baby to shine its star along the Ave is Lucky 13 Pub, located at 1820 South 13th Street. Walking into this pub feels like entering your Italian grandmom’s basement: cozy and warm (except without the plastic covers on the chairs!).

From the wood-paneled walls, to the diverse patrons ranging from hipsters to business crowd, this bar is sure to work its homey atmosphere into your heart. While it’s true that the decorators didn’t seem to have a particular theme in mind while working on the interior, nevertheless we’re sure that there’s something here to please everyone! Fancy a bit of romance and adventure? Then fight off some monsters with your significant other and sit at the Pacman Arcade Game/Table for Two! Or tap into your inner child, and feast your eyes on the Buzz Lightyear and Bugs Bunny figures that stand, rightfully, in places of honor behind the bar. You can even calm the antici…pation of your inner Transylvanian Transvestite–because, yes, the jukebox comes stocked with the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.

Behind the delightful sites and sounds is more candy for your senses. Lucky 13 features an eclectic food menu for everyone to enjoy. Blue Trout, Deconstructed Meatballs, Chicken Pillard, and a vegan friendly “Ace of Spades”; this menu will surely get your mouth watering!

As for boozy substances, this new bar is definitely headed in the right direction! There is a small (but wide) range of bottled beer. From Arrogant Bastard and Circus Boy all the way to Miller Lite and Schmidts; this bar caters to its wide variety of customers. But will they serve other than bottled beer? Sure thing! According to Clark, owner of Lucky 13, they will be installing a tap system after Thanksgiving, which will feature six beers on draft including Kenzinger, Yards ESA, Dogfishead, and more. Clark also hopes to extend on the bottled beer selection once the tap is set up!

So we have red neon lights, blue trout, schmidt lamps, deer-heads, Circus Boy, and Cramps posters? The muppets of Sesame Street may tell you that more than one of these things are not like the other, and therefore just don’t belong. But at Lucky 13 Pub, it works.


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