This is NOT a Post about Sarah Palin


Anyway, now that we’ve got your attention, we cordially invite you to the first-ever Philadelphia ExBEERiment event: the South Philly Pub Crawl.

Rachel Riot and Kunoichi Erica wish to lead you off on a march across the southern plains of Philadelphia, and to introduce you to some of their favorite local watering-holes. And while it’s true that, according to the old adage, you may not be able to make a horse drink water, we’re also just as sure that most human beings can’t say no to a good beer (we know we can’t!).

The pub crawl will be taking place on December 13th, 2008, and will begin at 7 pm at the Pub on Passyunk East, by far the hippest joint to rest your frozen bums, at 1501 East Passyunk Avenue.  From there, we will mosey on down to 1601 Cafe, at 1601 South 10th Street, followed by Lucky 13 Pub, an eclectic new local hangout, located at 1820 South 13th Street.  The next stop of the night will be Adobe Cafe, a haven filled with Mexican food and liquor: two of the best treats on planet Earth, and located at 1919 East Passyunk Avenue.  The final stop of the night, and our favorite oasis by far, will be the South Philadelphia Tap Room, at 1509 Mifflin Street.  We plan to keep this party going until 1 am, so you’ll have plenty of time to exbeeriment with new beers at each stop along the way!

And never let the cold keep you away from the promise of good beer!  December’s all about spirits anyway, so be sure to join us (before you’re haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Lager!).

Now we know pub crawls generally lead to high levels of drink intake, and even higher levels of euphoria, but try to reserve your Christopher Walken-drunken-dance moves until the last stop of the night…


One Response to “This is NOT a Post about Sarah Palin”

  1. Have you ever tried chinmoy beer, if you haven’t then you don’t know beer. Chinmoy beer is a uniqe beer that has a taste of its own.

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