Jack Frost Nipping at Your Beer?

Then tell the hoary lush to back off!  The Spirit of Christmas demands that you share many things during the holiday season, but never your beer!


“Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days.” — Ancient Egyptian Credo

As the holiday season rolls in, be sure to drink a beer or four before that brightly-lit Christmas tree, and maybe make the lights twinkle a little brighter by the end of the night.

As our gift to you, Rachel Riot and Kunoichi Erica would like to offer you our review of a fine holiday beer, available at several great spots around Philadelphia, including the South Philadelphia Tap Room and 1601 Cafe:

Troegs Mad Elf


kunoichi-erica-thumbnail-31Kunoichi Erica:  Like a fine holiday wine, this beer travels down the expectant drinker’s throat as smoothly as hot chocolate on a cold Christmas evening.  With a color that shines like red tinsel and a smell as pleasant as Christmas Eve, the chocolate and cherry taste of Mad Elf will sweeten up your smile as quickly as a piece of candy stolen from a gingerbread house.  While it may be a bit different from your standard ale, it’s a tall glass of crazy fun; odd but pleasant in the vein of Dudley Moore running around in an elf costume.

rachel-riot-thumbnail1Rachel Riot:  It’s a delicious holiday beer that reminds me of sitting by a fire, listening to Christmas music, and being chased around a decorated house by a squirrel that was hiding in the Christmas tree (imagery courtesy of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).  Mad Elf is light and smooth. It’s coloring and taste reminds me of cherries but also has tones of honey, chocolate, and spices.  This is a great beer to have with your big holiday dinner and hopefully it’ll help you forget about the kids in the parlor fighting over toys or Aunt Sondra asking you when are you getting a girlfriend/boyfriend. Merry Christmas Beer Lovers!

And now for something completely different!:

Anchor Christmas Ale

5.5%/ABV – First Brewed 1975

rachel-riot-thumbnail2Rachel Riot: Anchor Christmas Ale is definitely a Rachel Riot holiday favorite! This is a beer I like to have multiple glasses of at Tattooed Moms. It’s a super smooth dark beer that smells and tastes like roasted nuts, molasses, and pine.  The appearance of the beer is that of a thick stout but with a closer look (and first sip) you realize it’s one of the lighter bodied holiday beers.  I would highly suggest drinking this beer all night or saving it for last when doing beer tastings because it puts most other holiday beers on tap to shame.


Don’t stop drinking till your nose is as red as Rudolph’s!

Now enjoy this clip of everyone’s favorite beer-belly totin’ old man:


To imbibe more about Troegs Mad Elf and Anchor Christmas Ale please visit:

Troegs Brewing Company and Anchor Brewing Company


One Response to “Jack Frost Nipping at Your Beer?”

  1. Great website you have going! Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on any Mad Elf this season. But was very happy with this year’s Anchpr Christmas.


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