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Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue. We’re in Love with Beer, And You’d Better Be, Too!

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Happy Year of the Ox, All You Beer-Lappers!

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It’s been a while since we uploaded your brain with fantabulous beer-events around the city.

So let’s make up for it:

This Friday the 13th, don’t stay home and risk breaking mirrors around the house!  Get yourself to McGillin’s Old Ale House for PBR specials and Beatles karaoke.

Tired of witnessing the effects of the bad economy on your friends and neighbors?  Then do something about it.  This February the 21st, head up to the Charity Beer Event at Beltzner Hall on the Kutztown Fairgrounds and drink yourself over to a good cause.

Show us you care about our efforts to tell you about the best bars in the area, and claw your way down to the Devil’s Den.  While there, enjoy the hottest events, and the always-generous offers of Old Scratch himself.  It’ll be one hell of a time!  We guarantee it.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Philly Beer Week (March 6-15) is to us what the Corporate Bail-Out was to CEOs: one big party!  So be sure to sap the city to its fullest.

Also, all beer/breweriana collectors, don’t miss the Breweriana and Vintage Beer Swap-Meet at Memphis Taproom on March 14th.

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Of course, the most important beer-event of all takes place this February the 14th, hosted by your very own Rachel Riot and Kunoichi Erica: the “I’m in Love with Beer” Pub Crawl!  We’ll be posting times, bars, and specials shortly!

Abandon All Hope Ye Who DON’T Enter Here

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(note: this post features sarcastic/”corny” word play.  Feel free to insert a punchline joke drum roll at the end of these sentences.)

The corner of 11th and Ellsworth was rarely populated a few years ago. Even with the typical Italian restaurant monumentally sitting on the corner, no one was ever around.

That is until Lucifer decided to move in.

Devil’s Den is a blissful watering hole filled with plenty of warmth for these cold winter months. Shades of reds and dark browns cover the interior as if the room was a part of Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death”. Red bricked walls separate the dining area from the bar, while the fireplace sits in the center of the den, creating a feeling that you might turn around and see a guy with a pitchfork and horns shoveling logs into the fire.

Beyond the interior the food and beer selection is to die for. The beer list is the baby brother of beer menus from places like Monks and Eulogy. Devil’s Den features 16 craft beers on tap that are constantly in rotation, pages of bottled beer, and three types of beer flights…and all at reasonable non-Center City prices.

If you’re interested in getting some dinner you won’t be disappointed. The food is just as sinful as the beer menu. Featured are mussels and clams; cooked and seasoned in five different styles. There are also plenty of salad, sandwich, and appetizer choices. Some of the items on the list are even cooked in beer! Franziskaner mussels, Hennepin Chicken sandwich, and Arrogant Bastard Cheese Fries- the sound of them alone should make any beer lover’s mouth water. Friendly and knowledgeable waiters and bartenders complete your devilish experience.

Hello Devil’s Den.  Pleased to meet you.  Hope everyone knows your name.

Continue your descent into Devils Den

Cead Mile Failte

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Have you ever longed to step into an Escher drawing, where the laws of physical reality become topsy-turvy, and, like Alice, find yourself in a world of inside-out and upside-down?  Well, now you can.  In a bar better known as the Irish Times, you can seat yourself in the midst of criss-crossing stairs and balconies that twist themselves about in strange angles worthy of that crazy scene from the Labyrinth.  In fact, with its old-time manor atmosphere, you half-expect to find David Bowie singing to you from over the railing.

The lower-level of the bar looks like the corner-slice from a castle cake.  Our only guess is that the same giants who moved Stone Henge must have stolen a turret from some European castle and plopped it right on the corner of 2nd and Bainbridge.  From the grey stone and warm red brick of the walls, to the fireplace burning invitingly below, no sight could be merrier to eyes sore from the freezing blasts of winter.

Aside from castle-like atmosphere, the Irish Times also provides a little bit o’ luck. Enter your email address on their website for a chance to win $50 gift certificates.  But even if the lucky leprechaun isn’t on your side, you can still enjoy some delicious drafts and whiskeys.

Irish Times offers the “burbonites” plenty of Irish whiskey- from Tullamore Dew to Midleton.  Draft selection is a common lineup; featuring Stella Artois, Blue Moon, and Guinness.  But beyond the tap lies a more extensive bottled beer selection. Choices of Chimay Red, Blue, and White label should leave beer lovers appreciative of this unusal find beyond the doors of the Foodery and other take-out beer stops.

For anyone possessed with a bit of the Celtic Spirit, or who just enjoys a bit of off-the-wall fun, we highly recommend the Irish Times as a rest-stop to warm your bones and cheer your heart.  Tuesday nights are of particular interest, as local talent and fun-seekers gather together for open-mic night.  Not to mention live Irish music sessions every Thursday night.

The pipes, the pipes are calling, so get ye down to the Irish Times, before we drink up all the beer.

Please visit Irish Times for more information.

Don’t Panic!

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Rachel Riot and Kunoichi Erica have indeed survived through the New Year.  We are currently on hiatus, working on tabulating the results from a recent beer-tasting hosted by Miss Riot, as well as planning a splendiferous event to make this V-Day one to remember.   Be sure to check back soon for more information on the “I’m in Love with Beer” Pub Crawl this February the 14th.

In the meantime, satisfy your gullets with some hearty Italian recipes from the pot of blogs at the end of the inter-rainbow: Cucina Domenico.  Because nothing goes better with beer than great food…

…Or perhaps the occasional Italian commercial: