Abandon All Hope Ye Who DON’T Enter Here

(note: this post features sarcastic/”corny” word play.  Feel free to insert a punchline joke drum roll at the end of these sentences.)

The corner of 11th and Ellsworth was rarely populated a few years ago. Even with the typical Italian restaurant monumentally sitting on the corner, no one was ever around.

That is until Lucifer decided to move in.

Devil’s Den is a blissful watering hole filled with plenty of warmth for these cold winter months. Shades of reds and dark browns cover the interior as if the room was a part of Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death”. Red bricked walls separate the dining area from the bar, while the fireplace sits in the center of the den, creating a feeling that you might turn around and see a guy with a pitchfork and horns shoveling logs into the fire.

Beyond the interior the food and beer selection is to die for. The beer list is the baby brother of beer menus from places like Monks and Eulogy. Devil’s Den features 16 craft beers on tap that are constantly in rotation, pages of bottled beer, and three types of beer flights…and all at reasonable non-Center City prices.

If you’re interested in getting some dinner you won’t be disappointed. The food is just as sinful as the beer menu. Featured are mussels and clams; cooked and seasoned in five different styles. There are also plenty of salad, sandwich, and appetizer choices. Some of the items on the list are even cooked in beer! Franziskaner mussels, Hennepin Chicken sandwich, and Arrogant Bastard Cheese Fries- the sound of them alone should make any beer lover’s mouth water. Friendly and knowledgeable waiters and bartenders complete your devilish experience.

Hello Devil’s Den.  Pleased to meet you.  Hope everyone knows your name.

Continue your descent into Devils Den


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