Our Ode to Dive Bars — in which we wax nostalgic over the dying breed of corner bars

Okay.  So maybe the water tastes like some guy stood under the El during a rainstorm and filled a bunch of buckets with the sludge that leaked through.  And maybe the occasional old punk-rocker will stumble in, reminiscing about the good-old-days.  But, then again, it’s the neighborhood corner bars, where the shows are cheap, and the beer even cheaper, that give a city its character.

The El Bar, located at 1356 N. Front Street, is the quintessential dive-bar.    Like a bowl of instant ramen, it provides a quick burst of comfort for a negligible price.  After all, where else could you find a venue that will include performances from a rockabilly band, a Japanese garage group, and a psychedelic-rock quartet that very prominently features the kazoo…maybe even all on the same night?

Upcoming shows include:

Feb. 13, 9 pm: Billy D. Light Trio with Delco Nightingale & the girls of Peek-A-Boo Revue

Feb. 27, 9 pm: The Buzzards with The Lone Gunmen and American Barfight

Mar. 14, 9 pm: Handsome Petes, The Orange Factory, Transistor Down, God’s Green Earth

Apr. 4, 8 pm: Victoria Fest II

A cross between Eric Foreman’s basement and the bastard-son of CBGB, the El Bar is our home away from home.  It’s a place where, quite literally, everybody knows your name.

So, if you’re looking for a spot where you can unleash your passion for swing-dancing, or just make a few good friends, you know where we’ll be.

After all, if we allow our dive-bars to die out, then the only other place to buy cheap beer will be…Canada:

That 70’s Show, “Canadian Road Trip”


One Response to “Our Ode to Dive Bars — in which we wax nostalgic over the dying breed of corner bars”

  1. Nicely put! Love the Dive Bars, and we had a great time on Friday the 13th!

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