L Is for the Way Your Liquor Smells…

… O is for the open keg that sells.

V is very, very EXtra bitter sherry.

E is every vibe from every beer that you imbibe.

‘Cause LOVE is all that beer can give to you!

LOVE ain’t more than just a glass for two.

TWO with beer can think it:

Take my pint but please don’t drink it!

BEER was made for me and you!

A-beer was made for meEEE and youUUU!

–The Official Drinking Song this Valentine’s Day

On February the 14th, don’t stay at home listening to Nat King Cole!  Instead, come out with us and discover some of the best hang-outs in Philly!

Philadelphia ExBEERiment “In Love with Beer” Pub Crawl

8:30 pm — Meet at Fergie’s Pub, 1214 Sansom Street

About 9:45 — Head down to Finn McCools, 12th and Sansom

Approximately 11:00 pm — Rock it on over to Devil’s Alley Bar & Grill, 1907 Chestnut Street

Around 12:15 am — All aboard the Liberty Bar, 2204 Market Street, the final stop of the evening


A bit of local wisdom courtesy of Tattoed Mom's.

Furthermore, the Ladies of PE have scored the following specials for our loyal crawlers.  Because, even ‘though we may not believe in Valentine’s Day, we always believe in spreading the love:

Fergie’s Pub: $1.00 off Beer

Finn McCools: $1.oo off Drafts

Devil’s Alley: $4.00 Drafts, $5.00 Wines, $5.00 Sangrias

Liberty Bar: $1 off Drafts

Be sure to find Rachel Riot or Kunoichi Erica, whether you join us at Fergie’s, or a pub further along the way, to pick up your FREE Philadelphia ExBEERiment pin!  It’s your pass to a cornucopia of specials.  As usual, just look for the red-headed pin-up girl and the raven-haired ninja in the crowd.  We promise we’re easier to spot than Waldo.

And just in case you don’t remember the tune to our paraphrased little ditty, here’s the original version from the man himself:

“L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole


3 Responses to “L Is for the Way Your Liquor Smells…”

  1. The pub crawl was amazing. You ladies are gorgeous and so much fun. I had an awesome time and so did my friend. I’ll go anywhere you guys tell me.

  2. I am planning a surprise trip to Philly for my boyfriend and his friends on his birthday. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for bars that we could hit up. We’re 24 years old and not so much into the whole clubbing scene but enjoy a bar that might have room for dancing. Just not the pushing and shoving and drunk people constantly grinding on you kind of place. lol. Do you have any suggestions. We’re not the stuck up type that likes a nice quiet bar, but we’re also over the clubbing scene. Thanks so much for any suggestions.

    • philadelphiaexbeeriment Says:

      Hi Kristin!

      Besides bars, Philadelphia is a big music town. Like a chill place with cheap drinks, pool tables, and a bit of that ol’ punk charm? We suggest places like Tattooed Moms and El Bar. Like quizzos and alternative/classic rock? Maybe take a look at Manny Browns or Roosevelts Pub. If you really want to dance but don’t want to be bombarded with people, try The Barbary or Silk City during the week. Some other cool places to check out: The Khyber, Fergie’s, Triumph Brewing Co., Los Caballitos Cantina, Lucky 13 Pub, and the M Room. Hope this helps! And have a fun trip!

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