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rachel-riot2Rachel Riot – Rachel is the love child of a couple who defined the 70s. She spent most of her childhood watching Love Connection with her grandmother. Rachel understands that her BS in Music Industry/concentration in Business was the only thing that got her to go to college in the first place. Besides music, Rachel enjoys sick humor, zombies, vintage cars, dancing, going out all the damn time, and of course, beer. The way to Miss Riot’s heart is by buying her a wheat beer. Rachel is here to shout “drink better beer!” to the masses.


Kunoichi Erica – An Irish-German-Polish-Russian-Italian-American with dreams of world domination, Kunoichi Erica prides herself on her ability to manipulate those around her with a few well-placed words. A hard-core John Lennon devotee, she believes that “all you need is love…and maybe a bit of beer on the side.” Reclusive writer by day, ninja-prowler by night, Erica likes to kick back on the weekends with a tall glass of Guinness or a decanter of cognac. She also has an inexplicable fetish for fedoras and films noir. Role models: Mephistopheles and Odysseus.


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