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Welcome! Ladies and gents, drunkards and drunkettes! The night wanderers of Philadelphia are proud to present you with a forum for all your bacchanalian needs!

For all you alcoholics and aficionados who bow down to the beer god from Friday to Sunday (or, for you truly religious blokes, every day of the week) we offer you our most humble altar and tribute to Dionysus. Our goals are simple, but we aim to please:

1. We promise to experiment unceasingly with unsung local brews and unusual ales, even at the expense of our livers…and our bladders…our beer bellies…and even our wallets.

2. We vow to offer you our exceptionally inexperienced and completely unprofessional opinions on said beers, and furthermore to pepper these opinions with witty interjections for no reason whatsoever.

3. We may even throw in a bit of background information about the breweries…if we feel like it. Of course, we may just fancy a nap instead.

4. We swear to bombard your eyeballs with completely unnecessary, but totally nifty details on local events and venues where you can actually DRINK the beers we talk about.

5. We give our word, in fact we’ll give you several words since we’re feeling very generous today, that this site will heighten your appreciation of previously unexplored brews, and will significantly increase the storage space in your brain devoted specifically to beer lore.

6. Finally, we pledge, sometime in the future (when technology makes it possible or legal drugs become good enough to make such hallucinations standard) to definitely, absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, provide you with an interactive feature that will allow you to directly sample the beers as you browse our blogs and peruse our pages.*

*We guarantee that everything we just said in point 6 was a lie, which is why you should always read the fine print.

Philadelphia ExBEERiment Logo

Philadelphia ExBEERiment Logo

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