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Better Late Than Never

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Dear Readers,

We apologize for what seems to be a summertime hiatus.  We have our reasons for not being able to fill your mind with reviews, events, and interviews for the past few weeks but we will not take this time to drop a bunch of excuses on you.  Shame on us for not updating as often as we would have liked.

That being said, we are returning next week and will once again provide you with what we refer to as “beer necessities”.  We are also in the midst of planning some great ExBEERiment events for the fall and winter!  So please, stayed tuned.

Thanks again!

The Ladies of PE

P.S. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that we have been busy over the last few months traveling through time, trapped in a battle between elemental forces of good and evil:

Clip from Time Bandits (1981), Terry Gilliam


Cause YOU Can Help By Drinking AND Rocking!

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research flyer

Doc Watson’s Pub is located at 216 S 11th St (between Locust and Walnut Sts.)

Drink Specials include $2 Bud Light drafts and PBR cans, $3 drafts, $4 wines, and $5 well mixed drinks.

Philly Weekly Street Team will be there doing their thing!

Hope to see you there!

Throwing beer (events) in your FACE!

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We, the drunken ladies of PE, would like to take a moment to ramble off some upcoming events that have struck our fancy.  Our humble apologies in overloading you with information on FUN but we would much rather shove this in your face now than write a blurb here and a blurb there over the next few weeks.

That’s just wasting space. That’s just wasting your time.

And we would much rather waste your time telling you about BEER.

So take a look, mark your calenders, and GO! You might even be able to catch us at a few of them (and buy us a drink? *hint hint*)


The forever imbibing ladies of PE

November 17th

South Philadelphia Tap Room – Mad Elf Keg Tap 08

Get your holiday started early! SPTR will be tapping its first Mad Elf Keg of the season at 6:30pm.  There will also be bottles of Corsendonk Christmas, DuPont’s Avec Les Bons Voeux, and 3 liter bottles of Mad Elf for purchase.

November 20th

Sidecar Bar & GrilleSoul Power

Get up off of that thang and shake it till you..get all the way down to the Sidecar Bar.  Soul food and music will be happening all night long! Not to mention a great selection of beer on tap for you to exbeeriment with!

November 22nd

Philadelphia Brewing Company– “Philadelphia Colonial Taverns and the drinks they served”

For all History buffs reading PE here is the perfect event for you! From 2-3pm Rich Wagner will present his latest research about Philadelphia’s seventeenth and eighteenth century taverns. Information found here

December 5th

Memphis Taproom- Repeal Day Celebration

Remember when the Volstead Act was repealed and the 21st
Ammendment was ratified…ending Prohibition and re-legalizing alcohol? Well unless you’re older than 80, are immortal, or have a time machine that went back to 1933, you don’t personally remember this.  But it’s an important moment in beer drinking history! So let’s celebrate the 75th Anniversay by having ONE DOLLAR DRAFTS from 3-4pm at Memphis Taproom!

December 26th

Memphis Taproom Boxing Day Beer Festival.

No matter if you’re a “Holly Jolly Holiday Fiend” or a “Bah Humbug Scroogy Grinch” of the season, come enjoy some seasonal beers the day after Xmas at this hip bar. In addition, you can multitask drinking and helping out! Bring a winter coat, warm blanket, or 3 cans of food to donate for families in need and you get $1 off each beer you have! A perfect opportunity for you Ebenezers to give a little (and get a little back) before the ghost of Christmas future finds you! More info here

More event happenings can be found at Beer Advocate