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The Bride of Franziskaner Meets the Pumpkin King

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Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night, may become a drunk when the hop plant blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”

–Claude Rains in The Wolfman, paraphrased by Kunoichi Erica

Your Ladies of Liquor would like to wish you a beer-soaked and bone-chilling Halloween weekend. As you stalk the streets bedecked in all your undead finery, we urge you to drink your beer with the same relish that the Count himself drinks blood.

Now we would like to present you, in Abbot and Costello fashion, several beer “monsters” in the same film…er…post.

Oh yeah, and we tried to get Vincent Price to narrate, but he’s too busy partying upstairs…

Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier

Hefeweizen/5.0% ABV

Franziskaner Weissbier is older than Frankenstein’s monster, as it taps into Bavarian brewing traditions from as far back as 1363.

Imbibe more here:

rachel-riot-thumbnail1Rachel Riot: Hefeweizen has been one of my favorite beers for awhile. Sweet and light; it’s perfect for fall nights but also easily enjoyable while you’re sweating in a crowded bar during the winter months. It’s sweetness and cloudy pale orange coloring reminds me of a freshly picked nectar. This is a beer that Persephone would drink and Hades wouldn’t even have to trick her! I know many a gal who drinks Hefeweizen (which can be found at most well stocked bars but appears on tap right now at Misconduct Tavern and The Khyber). And guys, don’t shun this beer, try it! You might be delightfully (and confusingly) surprised!

Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

ABV 5.5% Pumpkin Ale

Anheuser-Busch, Inc. is yet another brewery with roots in Bavaria.

Imbibe more here:

Kunoichi Erica: Now, I am NOT usually a fan of commercial beer, but as I had to visit Chickie and Pete’s at least once out of respect for the Phillies (and might I add a very loud and enthusiastic huzzah to the new World Series Champs!), I found myself pleasantly surprised by this feature on their beer menu. As it was brought to the table, immediately the scent of cool apple cider hit my olfactory. The color of burnished gold, its rich texture is far more pleasing than the sickeningly sweet pumpkin flavor of the Avery Kaiser Oktoberfest. In fact, its taste is so distinct, it sticks with you even through those tons of crab fries you’re forced to gobble every time you hit the sports bar. Two zombie thumbs up.

And for all you werewolves out there, beware the moon:

Blue Moon

5.4% ABV

Blue Moon Brewing Company is respectfully buried in “The Sandlot” of Denver, Colorado.

Imbibe more here:

Philly Lush: Ah, Blue Moon, the beer my father makes fun of me for liking. I started drinking it because it reminded me of my guilty pleasure: Czech beer.

But I digress.

Blue Moon has a lighter taste than most beers. When ordered in bars, its often served with an orange slice, which gives it a slightly fruity flavor.

I like Blue Moon because, unlike a lot of beers, it doesn’t leave me with the sensation of “oh man, I just drank beer and now my stomach feels heavy.” Instead, Blue Moon is refreshing and doesn’t leave one feeling bloated. It’s not a hoppy drink either. It’s a light summer beer.

Drinking Blue Moon gives one the sensation of drinking a refreshing beverage, while sitting on a deck watching the sun set in the summer time over a field of grass and trees, while a breeze blows in from beside you. There is a slight aftertaste to remind you that yes, you are drinking alcohol, and yes, you can get drunk, but that is it.


Now, one last bit of advice before you leave your crypts for the night. Remember, as you hop from pub to pub, ALWAYS listen to the crazy villagers:

Clip from An American Werewolf in London