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The Flemish Word for “Public” is “Openbaar” … Belgium, Here We Come!!!

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“But the greatest love – the love above all loves, even greater than that of a mother – is the tender, passionate, undying love…of one drunken slob for another.”  –Irish Saying

We hope our recent pub crawl has rekindled the flame of beer-love in your hearts.  Nevertheless, if the light of exbeerimentation still isn’t strong enough to make you swoony, here are a few more beer reviews to get you through the rest of the winter months.

Duchesse de Bourgogne


The Royal Crown

6% ABV Belgian Ale

Brouwerij Verhaeghe Brewery was cultivated in a castle-farm as early as 1875.

Imbibe more here: For Those of You Who Can’t Read West Flemish

kunoichi-erica-thumbnail-31Kunoichi Erica:  This refined courtesan of the Sour Flemish Aledom brings a sense of fulfillment and excitement to the pallet.  The intense flavor of the first sip alone is enough to light your tastebuds across the board.  With the color of a dark-wood armoir and the complexity of a Schnittke cantata, the vinegar-taste of this beer is anything but unappetizing.  Rather, like the perfect compliment to the oil on your salad, the sharp touch of vinegar on your tongue acts like a clarion call to the pleasure centers of your cerebellum.  As the Duchesse dances down your gullet with the smooth grace of a waltzer, be sure to thank the gods for small favors (and big flavors).

Walt Wit


The gardener-poet in his rightful habitat.

4.2% ABV Belgian Style White Ale

Brewed right here in the city of “Brewery” love at Philadelphia Brewing Co.

rachel-riot-thumbnail4Rachel Riot: While the beers over at Philadelphia Brewing Co usually aren’t my cup of tea…uh beer, I do enjoy a Walt Wit every once in awhile.  The Walt Wit is a perfect spring beer; light and refreshing with hints of chamomile, oranges, and spices.  However, it has a stronger floral hop feel than most other white ales that I’ve had or liked.  This might be a problem for some, considering it’s particularly noticeable in the aftertaste rather than on the tongue.  I’ve come to realize that I like the beer better on tap than from a bottle pour: it’s not as overpowering and I think it tastes better overall.  Best thing about this beer:  The cool pencil tap handle it comes from!

Now we’re off to investigate further into our recent discovery of the “Openbaar Ministerie.”  According to Google, it’s simply the Belgian Ministry of Justice…But we have our suspicions that down the street from the Ministry of Silly Walks, and around the corner from the Ministry of Magic, is an earthly paradise otherwise known to Belgians in-the-know as the Ministry of Open Bars.

But don’t worry; we won’t be long.  We investigate with all the acumen and covertness of Inspector Jacques Clouseau:

Clip from The Pink Panther Strikes Again